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I'm not sure I want to apply for assistance. Is this information going to be shared with the Internal Revenue Service or other government agencies?

None of the information you provide is disclosed to any other federal, state, or local agency. All proprietary and financial information is not disclosed.

Do I have to pay the GOSDAA? How much? What are you going to do for me?

Assistance to prepare the initial application is provided free of charge; however, we do charge for our services after the application process. The Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Adjustment Assistance Program charges $81/hour for the diagnostic, preparation of the adjustment proposal, and overseeing the consultant’s services, but you are only billed for 25% of that amount. After the UTSA review board approves the initial application, a diagnostic will be scheduled with the GOSDAA applicant. At the Diagnostic scheduled appointment, you will be presented with a Cost Share Agreement (CSA) that estimates the number of hours and the total cost to be paid by you. All work performed during these phases will lead to the final consulting projects.

What is the Diagnostic Analysis/Adjustment Plan?

The diagnostic analysis is a document prepared by the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Adjustment Assistance Program (GOSDAA) staff which reviews all the firm's functional areas and describes the strengths and weaknesses in each. The document will also provide standard business ratio analyses and provide a description of the competition within your industry. Suggestions for improvements in the firm's operations and specific consulting projects detailed in the diagnostic analysis will be the basis for the adjustment plan. The adjustment plan is a synopsis of the diagnostic analysis written for the benefit of the Review Committee to reach a decision on the acceptability of the firm's request for assistance. It will include a list of specific consulting projects to be undertaken by the firm, an estimate of the cost of the project(s), and the amount to be cost-shared by the firm and the GOSDAA.

How much money can I get from the GOSDAA?

There is no direct exchange of money from the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Adjustment Assistance Program to your company. A firm can receive a maximum of $60,000 for approved projects at a 50% cost share for the firm. The firm writes the check for their 50% match to UTSA before the project or projects begin. UTSA pays the consultant.

How do I find the consultants? Who picks the consultants? What happens if I don't like the consultant?

The list of consultants will come from you if have any recommendations and from the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Adjustment Assistance Program (GOSDAA). The firm and the GOSDAA must concur with the selection of the consultant.

A list of consultants eligible to perform consulting services under the GOSDAA program is maintained by the GOSDAA staff. Only consultant who successfully complete an application for consulting services will be approved to work with GOSDAA clients. From the list of eligible consultants, the client and GOSDAA staff will select an appropriate consultant. If a consultant is needed for a specific service and is not on the list, GOSDAA staff will assist the client to identify and recruit a consultant who can then be placed on the approved list.

How does the consultant get paid? Do we pay first and get reimbursed?

Before a consulting project is started, the client must pay its share of the project cost to UTSA/GOSDAA. Once the client has paid its share, GOSDAA will pay the consultant when or as services have been rendered. Consultant must send GOSDAA invoice, task report, and copy of deliverables.

Can I use the funds to attend trade shows?

GOSDAA does not pay for travel, but the funds can be used to develop a new trade show display.

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